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Enhance the beautification of your house with Window Magic

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upvc-windowsWindow Magic has pioneered uPVC windows and doors in India with world class technology. We have a unique way of customizing the endless urges of customers. Being largest uPVC windows manufacturers in Chennai, we are wholly dedicated to bring the latest in advancement technology and apply to the changing times in the production of uPVC doors and windows. We manufacture and supply a complete collection of uPVC doors and windows at competitive prices.

Our uPVC products are long lasting and beneficial..

Our uPVC products can endure all weather conditions irrespective of the region where you live. Unlike to any other traditional windows, uPVC windows in Chennai are intricately crafted to bar sounds that restrict sound pollution and make your home feel like an absolute bliss. These windows and doors are capable enough to replace an entire wall to suit your fancies and are highly customized to suit every home in its elegance.

No match for Window Magic.

There are several uPVC windows dealers in Chennai but Window Magic has perfection in production of high quality uPVC doors and windows. High quality goods are made by combining quality raw materials and latest production techniques with a specialized and experienced team in a well-organized facility. All products are made up from a special mixture formed by adding components increasing strength against strokes, color pigments, stabilizers and filling materials into PVC raw material obtained by polymerization of vinylchlorine monomer. It is advisable that a person should install uPVC doors and windows to upgrade themselves as the requirement of time.


Make your house ultra-modern with Window Magic

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upvc doors and windows
uPVC Windows And Doors

Rise in new housing construction activities (especially of high-end segment) is driving the demand for uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) windows in India. Besides being highly durable thermal, water and wind-resistant, uPVC windows are energy efficient potentially saving energy up to 25 percent to 30 percent.

Types of uPVC Windows

Window Magic is a leading uPVC windows manufacturer that provides a wide range of uPVC windows such as:

  • Casement windows: Casement windows swing open like a door to provide superior ventilation and easy operation. These windows are appropriate for many home styles, Casements shut tightly and provide a firm, lasting seal and one of the highest thermal performance ratings of any window style.
  • Sliding windows: With a gentle push, sliding windows glide open sideways with the help of rollers, offering easy access to the beauty outside. Window Magic’s sliding windows are best suited for apartments, villas and offices.
  • Tilt and turn windows: Tilt and turn windows come with distinctive features. A person can swing it in like a door or tilt the top of the sash for room ventilation. Tilt and turn windows are great if you want extra ventilation or space for your room.

Why to choose uPVC Windows.

uPVC windows come with numerous advantages such as these windows are stable and easy to clean plus it doesn’t rots or fades.  Apart from these qualities uPVC windows and doors are maintenance free and time saving. So, it will be a wise decision if you opt for uPVC doors and windows for you newly purchased house.

Support the Climate cause, go for Window Magic

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upvc windows
upvc windows

Windows are most definitely one of the foremost elements in any design form. So much so that a brilliant design for a building might look staggeringly dull if the windows aren’t done carefully, so evidently, windows can bring to the fore the most boring of building designs too. Regardless of the numerous benefits of having good windows, most people fail to appreciate their existence.

Similar to most of evolution in today’s world, windows too are going through a phase of transition. Earlier and even today, wood and iron have been one of the most popular materials when it comes to construction for window frames and doors. With the invention of the material UPVC, things seem to be on the brighter side of the sun for windows.

Window Magic is the premier uPVC Windows manufacturers in Bangalore and the range of products listed in the website never disappoint if you were looking for something new and exciting for your home. Moreover, the material ‘uPVC’ is sweeping the entire construction sector due to its cost-effective and low maintenance nature that result from using uPVC windows and doors and the vast array of styles that UPVC can be moulded in to is nothing short of a miracle.

Window Magic brings you hi-tech uPVC windows in Bangalore that include:-

  1. uPVC Casements and fittings
  2. uPVC Sliding doors and windows
  3. uPVC Tilt and turn windows
  4. uPVC Designer Windows
  5. uPVC Conservatories
  6. Colour Options for the uPVC frames.
  7. Insect screens,
  8. Options for the type of glass you want on the windows.

If you were looking for a material for your windows and doors that would give your soul satisfaction, Window Magic’s extensive line-up of niche uPVC Doors Bangalore are just made for you.

Try out uPVC if you haven’t only from Window Magic

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You may be thinking as to what is UPVC and we’d like to tell you that it is the newest generation of products based on un-plasticized polyvinyl chlorates, a material known for its strength and robustness even when exposed to intense weather conditions pertaining to rain, wind and heat and where in these elements are always on the higher end of the scale.

Before uPVC doors and windows suppliers, we had PVC. But although the names might sound similar, these materials are worlds apart. The benefits of using uPVC window frames and doors are vast. Usually, the preferred choice of raw material for window and door frames is either wood or cast metal.

But, as science and nature have proved it already, these naturally found materials are in addition very vulnerable to water, wind and heat, elements found in the atmosphere in abundance. In fact, wood straight out decays after a short life if not taken care of and cast metal catches rust one day or the other despite investing a lot of money for maintenance.

Windows and Doors manufacturers  – Why choose uPVC doors and windows?

This is where uPVC takes the crown. uPVC is such an efficient material that a wipe or two a year is sufficient to keep the windows and doors squeaky clean. Plus, maintenance costs are massively low as compared to wood or iron and uPVC products look brand new even after a decade of rough wear and tear.

If you were looking for a material for your windows and doors that would give you peace of mind instead of being a headache, Window Magic’s extensive line-up of niche uPVC products are just made for you.

Window Magic and its range of uPVC windows and doors

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upvc-doors-and-windowsWhen you look towards the cityscape, what do you see? Many would argue that the only things that can be actually seen are buildings, thousands of them. But we would say you’re evidently looking at millions and millions of windows. And that’s where we would like to tell you how important windows are. While designing a building, windows are the first and foremost factors that come into the design element. That being said, windows are the only natural source of light for any construction. So, since windows are so important, what has been done to improve them?

A majority of the buildings that include homes employ traditional material in the design frame for any window – Wood and cast iron. And no matter how popular these materials are, they do have quite a few downsides to them. Firstly, they need a lot of maintenance which adds up to the maintenance cost eventually. Secondly, they are naturally found materials, which mean they do have the tendency to decompose. And thirdly, they’re costly materials.

So what is the supposed solution to this? uPVC windows and doors, a new age material that has the capacity to sustain a lot of pressure throughout a long duration of time. This directly puts wood and cast iron into the primitive bin. Firstly, uPVC Doors and windows do not need any maintenance, just a wipe or two a year is enough to keep the shine consistent. Secondly, UPVC is not a naturally found material; it has been created which means it does not decompose. And thirdly, UPVC is one of the cheapest construction materials available to man.

This brings us to Window Magic, the leading uPVC windows manufacturers in India. The next time you have a need for windows, keep Window Magic in mind.

Bring peace of mind back to your life with Window Magic

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upvc-windowsWindows open us up a very different world outside, but they also open us up to a world of health benefits and protection from elements in nature that are just designed to do us harm. Elements such as Ultra-Violet rays and extreme heat or cold are kept away from us due to our windows bearing the brunt throughout the year. Ultra-violet rays are responsible for numerous skin cancer cases throughout the world and with a changing climate that is going to be even more intense in coming times.

And this is where you have Window Magic, one of the leading uPVC windows manufacturers in Bangalore and its range of exclusive but affordable UPVC windows and doors. Window Magic’s line-up of UPVC products ensure that you’ll have an easy experience living with these hi-tech doors and windows. When it comes to the traditional materials for windows frames such as wood and cast iron, you have to incur a lot of extra charges stemming from round the year maintenance changes, but with UPVC Windows, a simple swipe once or twice a year is enough to keep the material shining and looking brand new.

If you were looking for uPVC doors in Bangalore, look no further as you can now select from a range of quality products from Window Magic’s stable of hi tech windows and accessories to adorn your home. Choose the best, choose Window Magic.

Window Magic: The Perfect uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Delhi

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uPVC Windows And Doors

Window Magic is one the initial uPVC window manufacturers in India. We provide both uPVC doors and uPVC windows in Delhi. Our aim is at providing the best uPVC products to our customers, which are both stylish as well as durable. Keeping the up-to-date trends in mind; we do not compromise on the quality of our products.

Our products are customized according to the variety of our clientele. We make sure we supply you with the safest uPVC windows in Delhi.

We are known to be one of the most famous uPVC window dealers in India. Our variety of uPVC windows include Fixed Windows, Casement Windows, Top Hung Windows, French Windows, Sliding Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows and lot more designer windows. Our windows are manufactured to prevent dust and heat from entering your home. Our windows keep the temperature of your home balanced according to the climate outside. They protect you from both dust and rain. We have always kept the safety of our customers on the forefront. Our uPVC windows are manufactured with the highest technicality which will help in safeguarding you. Our windows are guarded with the system of multipoint locking, strong hinges, laminated safety glasses etc. making you feel really safe and secure.

Our windows allow the natural light to enter through them which would prevent you from using electric lights during day time and help save your electricity bill to a great extent. So, do not think twice and get your house decorated with the trendiest and the most eco-friendly windows today!

For further information uPVC window dealers, Window Magic please visit http://www.windowmagicindia.com