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Enhance the beautification of your house with Window Magic

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upvc-windowsWindow Magic has pioneered uPVC windows and doors in India with world class technology. We have a unique way of customizing the endless urges of customers. Being largest uPVC windows manufacturers in Chennai, we are wholly dedicated to bring the latest in advancement technology and apply to the changing times in the production of uPVC doors and windows. We manufacture and supply a complete collection of uPVC doors and windows at competitive prices.

Our uPVC products are long lasting and beneficial..

Our uPVC products can endure all weather conditions irrespective of the region where you live. Unlike to any other traditional windows, uPVC windows in Chennai are intricately crafted to bar sounds that restrict sound pollution and make your home feel like an absolute bliss. These windows and doors are capable enough to replace an entire wall to suit your fancies and are highly customized to suit every home in its elegance.

No match for Window Magic.

There are several uPVC windows dealers in Chennai but Window Magic has perfection in production of high quality uPVC doors and windows. High quality goods are made by combining quality raw materials and latest production techniques with a specialized and experienced team in a well-organized facility. All products are made up from a special mixture formed by adding components increasing strength against strokes, color pigments, stabilizers and filling materials into PVC raw material obtained by polymerization of vinylchlorine monomer. It is advisable that a person should install uPVC doors and windows to upgrade themselves as the requirement of time.


Get modern uPVC windows for your house with the help of Window Magic

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uPVC Windows In Chennai
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Living in ease and style Take the following step ahead of others by changing your home with UPVC Windows from Window Magic, the innovators in window and door planning. With UPVC Windows you can give your room an immediate face-lift, altering the interior decor rapidly and building your room noise proof. Designed with careful thought of the Indian weather situations, these windows are of ultimate quality and keeps your room free from storm, dust, termite and monsoon so that the inside furniture should not get affected. Window Magic bring you an collection of designs in uPVC Windows In Chennai which involves bay window, sliding window, villa window and casement window, designed in European fashion but made to endure the Indian weather circumstances.

You have a wide range of choices in choosing shapes, colours and designs from our range of UPVC Windows that come in a variety of finishes. With extraordinary quality vinyl being used to design these windows, we stand separately from others as primary uPVC Windows Manufacturer in Chennai. Window Magic’s windows are the perfect substitute of older ones and indicate the modernization of the building construction industry with great quality and uniquely designed uPVC windows.

Window Magic is into building the future with delivering UPVC Windows that are made with accuracy and speak of cleverness. If you want your window to be modified, then it will be a wise choice to go for Window Magic. Window Magic is one of the top leading uPVC Windows Dealers in Chennai delivering quality UPVC Windows that have architectural and aesthetic value.

upvc windows manufacturers in chennai

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upvc-windows-manufacturers-in-chennaiWhen elegance is an important factor while you’re building your new home, it’s imperative that windows aren’t kept out of the equation. As much as the design and the paint job of a living space are important, without proper windows all the effort to shimmer up goes to waste, quite frankly. This is why you need Window Magic to make the correct choice while determining the kind of windows that go on your wall. Window Magic is the largest uPVC windows manufacturers in Chennai as well as India and their range of products satisfy the most selective of customers.

Some of the products include –

  1. Casements and fittings.
  2. Sliding windows and doors to save space.
  3. Tilt and Turn windows
  4. Designer windows.
  5. Victorian style Conservatory.
  6. Colour options for window glass.
  7. Insect screens for keep pests away.
  8. Glass options.

Choose from a wide array of windows, doors and accessories and be assured to be satisfied as UPVC is not a material that doesn’t rust nor does it disintegrate on the face of heavy storms and rains. Using this material for your windows and doors is guaranteed to save you to time and money and a whole lot less headaches when it comes to its maintenance. So if you are building the palace of your dreams and are looking for windows worthy of the match, look no further. Window Magic, a range of premium uPVC Windows in Chennai.