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Benefits of uPVC Doors

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uPVC doors are quickly becoming the material of choice for houses and architecture in India. uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, and it’s a type of chemical that is rigid, and durable and came out as best great substitute to timber and wood doors.



Timber or wooden windows and door frames generally requires a lot of maintenance. They need to get polishes and painted at regular intervals. On the other hand, uPVC doors requires next to no maintenance. All you need is to wipe down the door with a damp cloth and some soapy water.

Durability in the Face of Extreme Weather

The hot sun, rain and wind can fade timber doors quickly. Whereas, uPVC is quite a durable material that will easily stand up even to extreme climate condition of India.

uPVC Won’t Rot

Seeking to the weather condition, one of the major issues that timber frames often face is rot, whereas, uPVC won’t rot and could last for years.

Wind Resistant

Timber window and door frames tend to rattle the moment a high wind hits your home, but uPVC won’t. uPVC is wind resistant, and will stay still in a high wind.


Another major benefit of uPVC is that it is an eco-friendly material. It requires very little energy to produce and it is 100% recyclable, whereas, timber comes from trees, which are responsible for cleaning our environment.


Timber is a potential feast for termites and other wood-loving bugs. With uPVC, you won’t be making any calls to the pest removal company!

So after knowing the benefits of uPVC doors, if you are planning to replace your timber and wooden doors then window magic is the place for you, as the company is the leading upvc windows and doors suppliers in India. The uPVC door manufacturer offers a wide range to cater the customized need of the customers.


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With uPVC Technology, Let Your Doors Define Class

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upvc windows IndiaThe most important element of a house is a door as the security of a house depends on it. First thing when anyone visits your place, they see your door. So every house owner wants and tries to create the first impression with their front door.

Understanding this, Window Magic – the initial introducer of uPVC to India, offers a wide range of customized uPVC doors to the customers. These doors not just fulfill the security needs but also add elegance and charm to homes.

Window Magic has given the fenestration industry an innovative flip from the traditional sliding ones to lift n slide windows and doors. The products by the company are designed for larger openings to have an unobstructed view of skies and stars in your rooms. These doors are fully protected against dust, water and air.

uPVC windows and doors suppliers offers doors that matches all kinds of interiors. You can choose the colour and its type from its wide range including the French door, Sliding door, Folding door, Tilt and Slide, Lift and slide based on your preference.

Window Magic – the leading uPVC doors Manufacturers in India, with the help of high precision engineering makes the windows and doors virtually impenetrable, meeting top of the industrial standards. In addition to this, they offer effective protection from weather, UV radiations and burglary.

Products of Window Magic follow similar stringent manufacturing process and are crafted with the latest national and international standards of quality. Although they are already known for the rigidity and durability, yet they have made another milestone by strengthening the doors with galvanized steel that enhances the safety and security of the products.

So, if you are looking for doors for your new house then just go through the wide range of upvc windows India offered by Window Magic. We bet you just can’t ignore them.

Think of the environment, Think of Window Magic

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upvc windows and doors.jpgVarnish it upon completion of every year, protect it from rain, you have to keep it away from heat and definitely have to keep it away from wind. The sentence that you read is the very embodiment of the material called wood and sometime the complement goes out to cast iron too, especially wood and cast iron that’s used for the frames for window magic.

Window Magic is a company that bring to you uPVC windows in Bangalore and here are few advantages of using these windows in your home–

  1. Durable- UPVC Windows and doors can withstand the beating time enforces on materials exposed to the weather elements such as rough winds, rains and heat.
  2. Maintenance free – UPVC windows and doors need a swipe once in a while to clean and that’s all. uPVC Doors Bangalore doesn’t rot nor do they lose their colour.
  3. Alkaline Resistant – Alkaline is an element that is capable of eating through wood and cast iron unlike UPVC which is a stable material, so it is sea water resistant and pollution resistant too.
  4. Insulation – UPVC is proper insulating material which means it keeps interiors warm in winters and cooler in the summers.

Wood is an obsolete material although cast iron is still in major use throughout the world for the purpose of window frames. But there are other very cheap but durable alternatives to wood and iron that are also environment friendly. One of those materials is UPVC.

There are many more attributes to Window Magic’s exclusive line-up of designer UPVC doors and windows which is why they are considered as the leading uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Bangalore. Do check out more of our blogs for more information on UPVC doors and windows.

Bring peace of mind back to your life with Window Magic

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upvc-windowsWindows open us up a very different world outside, but they also open us up to a world of health benefits and protection from elements in nature that are just designed to do us harm. Elements such as Ultra-Violet rays and extreme heat or cold are kept away from us due to our windows bearing the brunt throughout the year. Ultra-violet rays are responsible for numerous skin cancer cases throughout the world and with a changing climate that is going to be even more intense in coming times.

And this is where you have Window Magic, one of the leading uPVC windows manufacturers in Bangalore and its range of exclusive but affordable UPVC windows and doors. Window Magic’s line-up of UPVC products ensure that you’ll have an easy experience living with these hi-tech doors and windows. When it comes to the traditional materials for windows frames such as wood and cast iron, you have to incur a lot of extra charges stemming from round the year maintenance changes, but with UPVC Windows, a simple swipe once or twice a year is enough to keep the material shining and looking brand new.

If you were looking for uPVC doors in Bangalore, look no further as you can now select from a range of quality products from Window Magic’s stable of hi tech windows and accessories to adorn your home. Choose the best, choose Window Magic.