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Bring Positivity With Vastu Shastra While Planning Doors & Windows Of Your Home

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uPVC Windows Manufacturers in BangaloreEvery time someone enters your home, the very first thing they notice is your door and windows. Considered to be one of the most essential furnishing in any house, doors and windows define the class of the residents. It has the potential to make the house look elegance or plain.

In today’s age, we see that lot of homes are planned keeping Vastu  Sashtra in mind. Vastu Sashtra is the ancient science that helps in promoting positivity, peace and harmony between nature and mankind. It is believed that a house built according to Vastu keeps the family at peace and brings good luck and positivity. It is also believed that homes where the doors and windows are not built with these principles may invite negative energies. Therefore, given below are few Vastu tips, one needs to remember while planning doors and windows of their home.

  1. Windows and doors of a house should be in even numbers.
  2. The main door should never be obstructed by a tree, plant, staircase, poles, etc.
  3. There should not be a temple be free of any obstructions such as plants, big trees, staircases, poles etc. Additionally, your door should not have a temple directly in front of the entrance door.
  4. The doors need to be adorned with positive decorative items
  5. The doors and windows need to be planned opposite to each other in order to complete the positive and negative cycles. This also enables proper air circulation with the house.
  6. If the house has two main gateways, one needs to opt for a combination of doors towards East with North and West, West with North and East.
  7. The windows should be planned towards the North wall and should be long and wide. This lets the morning light to filter through without obstructions.
  8. Avoid windows that face towards South-West direction as they invite harmful, hot & penetrative ultraviolet rays of the sunlight, which are projected in that direction
  9. All the windows should be uniform and proportionate. One of the best uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Bangalore, Window Magic manufactures window that are designed keeping Vastu in mind.
  10. The doors should not be places at the centre of the wall.
  11. Avoid automatic doors as they have the tendency to bring health issues for the children.
  12. Doors and windows with crack should be replaced immediately.

Therefore, if you are planning your home, do remember to build it as per Vastu. Bring positivity and let your life be at peace. If you are looking for uPVC Windows in Bangalore, you need to contact Window Magic and talk to the professionals. For more information http://www.windowmagicindia.com/services.html


Get modern uPVC windows for your house with the help of Window Magic

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uPVC Windows In Chennai
upvc windows

Living in ease and style Take the following step ahead of others by changing your home with UPVC Windows from Window Magic, the innovators in window and door planning. With UPVC Windows you can give your room an immediate face-lift, altering the interior decor rapidly and building your room noise proof. Designed with careful thought of the Indian weather situations, these windows are of ultimate quality and keeps your room free from storm, dust, termite and monsoon so that the inside furniture should not get affected. Window Magic bring you an collection of designs in uPVC Windows In Chennai which involves bay window, sliding window, villa window and casement window, designed in European fashion but made to endure the Indian weather circumstances.

You have a wide range of choices in choosing shapes, colours and designs from our range of UPVC Windows that come in a variety of finishes. With extraordinary quality vinyl being used to design these windows, we stand separately from others as primary uPVC Windows Manufacturer in Chennai. Window Magic’s windows are the perfect substitute of older ones and indicate the modernization of the building construction industry with great quality and uniquely designed uPVC windows.

Window Magic is into building the future with delivering UPVC Windows that are made with accuracy and speak of cleverness. If you want your window to be modified, then it will be a wise choice to go for Window Magic. Window Magic is one of the top leading uPVC Windows Dealers in Chennai delivering quality UPVC Windows that have architectural and aesthetic value.

Get benifited by the uPVC doors and windows

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uPVC doors and windows Bangalore
uPVC Windows

Quality and Durability of the product plays a major role in defining the company. Window Magic therefore focuses on maintaining these quality standards and stands responsible for the quality of the product and services that it provides. Window Magic’s dedicated professionals helps in studying the customer’s requirement such as the type, style and size of doors and windows and also make the customer aware of the profiles and hardware options available.

The company also stands responsible for manufacturing and installation of the product within the given time. The quality of the product and service provided by Window Magic’s has made the company one of the best uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in Bangalore. uPVC window is becoming people’s first priority when it comes to use window in your house because it gives several benefits to customers whether it is related to security of your house or it is about the health of your family.

Tilt and turn window play major role in enhancing your life. uPVC window manufacturers in Bangalore  provides a wide range of tilt and turn windows such as casement windows, bay windows, slide windows, combination windows and fixed windows. uPVC doors and windows Bangalore manufactured by window magic are the perfect substitute for the conventional wooden and iron windows because they stay forever with you.


uPVC Doors and Windows – The Niche Choice for Builders all around

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uPVC Windows and Doors

When you stare at the city skyline, what do you see? Most people here would come up with answers like ‘Buildings’, ’People’, ‘Lights’, ‘Sky Scrappers’ and a range of other things. But most don’t even notice the exceeding amount of windows that adorn any city horizon. Yes, windows are that important to modern civilization, but sadly no one pays to much attention to them. To show you how important windows really are, windows are the prime catalysts in “green buildings”, which in turn help conserve energy and paves the way for a cleaner future. Windows allow sunlight to enter our houses and sun light is known to kill germs in the air.

But with the introduction of Window Magic, India’s leading uPVC doors manufacturers and its extensive range of uPVC doors and windows, these small portals to the outside world have truly been given a new identity. UPVC is the revolutionary material that is sweeping the construction industry from its very basics. This wonder material can sustain long durations of exposure from sunlight, wind, rain and all other forces of nature which is what makes it an amazingly durable material for window panes and doors alike. Unlike wood and cast iron which is the dominant material at use today, UPVC lasts longer against the forces of nature.

So if you were looking for a window change, or if you’re building the home of your dreams, adorn your walls with UPVC doors and windows from Window Magic, India’s leading uPVC door suppliers.


Add beauty to your Space with uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

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cladssifieduPVC Tilt and Turn Windows offer a simple and stylish windows and doors to suit our modern properties, together with the benefits of noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency. Tilt and Turn window actually requires no maintenance as it is made of strong and durable uPVC. It is designed such, that it can never rust, decay, flake or disrobe; not only that no painting is also required for bringing its new, fresh look.

Tilt and turn windows offer the simplicity-providing the option of window tilting inwards or being fully opened inwards. This flexibility provides you with secure ventilation and ease of cleaning from within your home, along with making Tilt and turn windows the ideal solution where there is restricted space  outside making outward opening a hazard and providing an effective fire.

Advantage of uPVC:

uPVC is also one of the lowest maintenance building materials that you’ll ever find. It does not wrap, rot or rust, even when subjected to the harshest of weather conditions.  It’ll also never fade, and will stay looking good year in and year out.  uPVC is completely water resistant and it is fire resistant. uPVC  is completely recyclable at the end of its longtime, making it one of the more environmentally friendly building materials.

Window Magic India is the leading manufacturer of uPVC Windows. Window Magic India along with their technology partner Profine Group of Germany under the technical collaboration of their brand Kommerling has been manufacturing superior grade uPVC products in India since 2002.


Add Panache to Your Home With French Window Designs

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classified ads window magicBored with the regular interior of your home, add a touch of class to your home with French window design. They are simple, uncomplicated yet stylish in their own accord.

French window designs for Indian homes will not just add aesthetic value to the home, but will also add functionality and usability. With abundant natural light flowing in and encasing your home these French windows are highly energy efficient. Along with style and class these windows retain the excellent durability of uPVC material.

Be it a home, office or hotel one can always expect these full length uPVC Windows and French window designs to add elegance to the place. These in and out – swing French windows are the end product of technologically advanced Sash Engineering.

Window Magic India a leading designer and manufacturer of French window designs for Indian homes, is amongst the initial introducers of uPVC windows and doors in India. Window Magic India along with their technology partner Profine Group of Germany under the technical collaboration of their brand Kommerling has been manufacturing superior grade uPVC products in India, since 2002. Window Magic offers a wide range of uPVC window designs in various colors and finish to aptly suit the interior and exterior look of your home. Give your home a breath of fresh air with Window Magic’s elegant range of uPVC windows and doors.

To inquire or to buy your French window design, call Window Magic’s expert today at – 1800-180-5656 and SMS: WM53030


Adding value to the UPVC window price list

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The perpetual worry of having glass windows is that it might break, either because of a ball hit for a six or a strong prolonged wind. Glass windows as a shield to your house is probably not the best idea, polymer is the new alternate that buyers are now looking into. UPVC products have invaded the Indian market. They are available in different shapes and sizes, adding a zing to the otherwise tried and tested look.

An obvious inference to this would be the for the UPVC windows price list to your furnishing. Not all things modern come with a heavy price tag. The UPVC window prices come within your budget giving a fine finish to the furnishing. The UPVC windows price list in India is a comfort to the buyer’s eye. In addition to its strength, durability, lightness and resistance, the UPVC window prices are low in the Indian price list. Attractive in the looks, these windows are sure to add a refined touch to the otherwise gloomy surroundings. Not only in its looks but these UPVC windows are a gift to a healthy living too. The transparencies of the material make sure that an ample amount of sunlight enters the room during the day.

The abundance of light not only helps kill the bacteria’s but freshens up the room with rejuvenating energies infused into the people in the rooms. The value of UPVC windows have shot up in the Indian plastic business circuits mainly for its cost effective prices and high rate of sales. A clear match winner in the Indian markets the UPVC windows are sure to soar high in the days to come. For a country where cost efficiency becomes a number one priority, the UPVC window price list in India has already established their popularity in the market.